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The Fund for Anatolia:

Each year the alumni, trustees and friends of Anatolia/ACT are strongly encouraged to participate in the annual giving program. Targeted to the greatest and most immediate needs, this unrestricted fund supports the operational requirements of the entire Anatolia enterprise. Gifts to the Fund for Anatolia also support student financial assistance, educational technology, library acquisitions and the preservation and improvement of buildings and grounds.
Annual contributions assist in keeping tuition costs affordable and allow Anatolia/ACT to continue the mission of quality educational opportunity to a diverse constituency. Groups such as the Friends of Anatolia, the Anatolia Alumni Association and the ACT Alumni Association participate materially by donating funds annually for selected projects. Reunion giving by returning classes enables Anatolia’s graduates to assure that current and future students will have the best possible academic experience.
Gifts of cash or appreciated securities are most appropriate for ongoing support of unrestricted priorities. Please contact Mr. Peter Chresanthakes, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, for additional information (2310 398265,

Capital Projects:

Alumni, friends and foundations are particularly encouraged to consider meaningful participation in the major construction and rehabilitation projects on campus. A separate section of the Development webpage addresses the priority projects which include construction of a theater and a classroom annex, athletic facilities improvements and a new student center. Major projects offer the opportunity for naming designation and multi-year payment options. In addition, there are many lesser capital projects in various program areas that could have special appeal to alumni, parents and club groups.

Endowed Programs:

Funds that provide ongoing scholarship assistance to High School and ACT students are particularly worthy investments. An Endowed Scholarship Fund allows the means for a qualified student to continue uninterrupted with the educational program for another year. Oftentimes a memorial donation to create a permanent scholarship fund is a fitting tribute to a deceased member of the alumni family.
Other endowed opportunities exist within academic areas, particularly at the American College of Thessaloniki. Support for the Information-Technology Department and the Business Department through operational endowed funds is particularly encouraged as are Endowed Professorships in these areas. The Bissell Library, dedicated in October, 2002 is looking to greatly increase its endowed operating fund in the upcoming year.

Gift Annuities:

Anatolia College/ACT is pleased to offer Charitable Gift Annuity Arrangements to alumni, parents and friends who wish to make a meaningful donation while providing for their own financial future. Gift annuities are usually funded through gifts of cash, securities or mutual fund shares. Payments are determined at the time of funding and will continue unchanged regardless of the life term of the donor and other designated recipients.
Donors are entitled to an income tax deduction when the gift is made because a portion of the vehicle will be used for charitable purposes. A portion of each payment may be free of income tax or taxed at lower capital gains rates for a period of time. Considering too that assets used to fund a gift annuity may be free of gift and estate taxes, it makes sense to consider income and tax benefits today for a gift that might otherwise be deferred far into the future.
Gift annuities are an attractive way to support Anatolia/ACT while adding to retirement income over the years. Annuities may be funded for a minimum of $10,000 or in a series of the same amount each year for five years. Please contact Mr. Peter Chresanthakes, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, 2310 398265,, for additional information about establishing an annuity.
Remember that gift annuities combine the satisfaction of donating with the receipt of regular income payments that last for one or more lives. Tax benefits are provided together with fewer worries about money management issues. Quarterly payments are larger when annuities are established by older donors and the annuities can be flexible to fit donor needs and intentions.

Estate Planning:

The Anatolia College/ ACT community realizes that the motivations for giving can be very personal and reflect a sincere interest in providing for the educational mission. As such, the Boston Office is pleased to assist in matters of developing an estate plan, providing options for a lifetime income stream or creating a legacy. An estate plan often highlights available or deferred resources that make substantial capital or programmatic gifts possible. Current naming opportunities such as the Anatolia College Athletic Facilities or the ACT Student Center are available for consideration through gift planning. Examples of some typical planned giving vehicles include:

Charitable Lead Trust

With a charitable lead trust, one transfers assets to a trust for the benefit of Anatolia College/ACT. You simply designate Anatolia as the income beneficiary for a specified period of years or for your lifetime. At the end of the stated period, the assets revert to your personal beneficiaries. You can benefit from a federal gift or estate tax deduction and the beneficiaries will receive trust assets, including any appreciation, free of estate or gift taxes.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust is an irrevocable trust created for the ultimate benefit of Anatolia College/ ACT and intended to generate income of at least five percent annually to income-beneficiaries of your choosing. Beneficiaries may receive income for life or for a stated period of years. Donors may choose a charitable remainder annuity trust which pays a fixed dollar amount determined when the trust is established or the “inflation hedged” remainder unitrust that pays income equal to a fixed percentage of the trust principal. Such trusts provide opportunities to better position assets, to generate retirement income, to secure a tax deduction and to use the tax savings to purchase life insurance held in trust for benefit of family members. At the donor’s passing, the trust assets will be available to Anatolia and the life insurance proceeds will pass free of federal estate tax to family members.

Charitable Bequest

Loyal alumni, parents and friends are encouraged to consider naming Anatolia College/ ACT as a beneficiary in their will. Assets pass free from federal estate taxes, and every dollar helps with the important operational needs of the college. Appreciated securities and real estate are appropriate items to consider when making a bequest document.

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