1810: American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions organized in Boston

1840: Missionary Cyrus Hamlin founds Bebek Seminary outside of Constantinople

1862: Seminary transferred to Merzifon in north central Turkey; construction of campus begins

1886: Anatolia College founded at the Merzifon Seminary with Charles Tracy as President; the students are principally Greek and Armenian, most coming from outside of Merzifon and boarding at the school; the faculty is Greek, Armenian, and American; enrollment soon reaches 115 students

1893: Girls' School founded

1894: Anatolia incorporated under the laws of the state of Massachusetts

1895: First Turkish attacks on Armenians

1914-1915: Turkish massacres of Armenians, including those on Anatolia faculty

1916: Anatolia closed because of World War I, campus occupied by Turkish troops

1919: Anatolia reopens

1920: Enrollment stands at 218 students, with an equal number in the Girls' School; campus consists of more than 40 New England style buildings; Anatolia includes a kindergarten,a school for the deaf, high schools for boys and girls, a college-level program, a theological seminary, one of the largest hospitals in Asia Minor, and an orphanage for 2000 orphans

1921: Executions by Turks of student leaders and faculty advisor of the Pontus club, the school's Greek literary society; Turkish government orders the closing of Anatolia College; 2,425 students had graduated since 1886

1922: Smyrna catastrophe and defeat of Greek expeditionary force; Anatolia Board of Trustees organized in Boston

1923: Population exchange between Greece and Turkey

1924: With help from Eleftherios Venizelos, Anatolia reopens in Thessaloniki, in rented buildings in Harilaou, with 13 students, mostly refugees; enrollment soon jumps to 157

1927: Mission School for Girls in Thessaloniki becomes part of Anatolia College

1934: Anatolia moves to newly constructed campus above the city near the village of Pylea, on the lower slopes of Mt. Hortiatis

1937: Anatolia Alumni Association begun

1940: Greece enters World War II when Italy invades; school closed, campus used as military hospital

1941: Germany invades Greece, campus taken over by Germans as general headquarters for the Balkans

1944-1945: British Army occupies the campus

1945: War ends, Anatolia reopens as repair of damaged campus proceeds; Girls' School moved into temporary quarters on the Anatolia campus after its building on Allatini Street burns

1949: The last units of the British Army depart the campus

1950s: Girls' School buildings constructed

1950-1958: Carl Compton serves as Anatolia President

1958: Dr. Howard Johnston appointed President

1960's: Anatolia increases enrollment to over 1000 students

1964: Robert Hayden appointed President; Secretarial School opened

1972: Joseph Kennedy appointed President

1974: Dr. William McGrew appointed President; arrival of 26 scholarship students from Cyprus in the wake of the Turkish invasion

1980:Anatolia begins transition to co-education

1981: American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) founded to provide post-secondary instruction in business and the liberal arts

1986: Anatolia College celebrates its centennial year

1993: ACT grants first 4-year Baccalaureate degrees in Liberal Arts and Science


1997: ACT accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

1998: International Baccalaureate program introduced.

1999: Mr. Richard Jackson appointed President.

: Dedication of Bissell Library.  Intensive American-style MBA program begins at ACT.

2003: Anatolia Elementary School opens adjacent to campus.

2005: Alumni Field renovated.

2007: Opening of renovated Raphael Hall.

2008: Opening of renovated Gymnasium. ACT undergraduate programs become EU accredited.

2009: Dr. Hans Giesecke named 10th President of Anatolia. Anatolia College anounces its Green Initiative.

2010: Anatolia Elementary School (lower campus) moves to new campus.

2011: Establishment of the President’s Club - The institutions’ most steadfast supporters. Renovation of A’ side soccerfield gifted by Anatolia College Alumni Association. Initiated and fulfilled the fundraising goal for the 125th Anniversary Matching Fund.

2013: Dr. Panos Vlachos named 11th President of Anatolia College.

2013: ACT undergraduate programs are now accredited by the Open University in the UK.



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