Learning English can be a fun-filled, rewarding, and inspiring experience!


What is the Bridge Program?

The Bridge program is an after-school English learning program for all children between ages 4 and 14. It helps children develop both their linguistic as well as their social and creative skills.


The Bridge Program is taught:


  •         By dedicated bilingual teachers with local and international experience
  •        In small groups to ensure individual attention
  •        In an English-speaking environment
  •        Through innovative methods
  •        To encourage children’s creativity and independent learning
  •        On the familiar Anatolia Elementary School premises
  •      Classes from Pre-K to Proficiency level 




In what language are the lessons taught?

All lessons, at all levels take place in English. Teachers adapt the level of language to the age of the children with grammar and vocabulary practiced through literature and hands-on experience.

Do the children have homework?

Lessons are designed primarily for classroom interaction and hands-on experience with a moderate amount of homework. 

Do the programs prepare children for external exams?

The programs help children develop the skills needed for various exams such as:


  •        A2 and B1 (Council of Europe level)
  •        B2 (Lower) including MSU-CELC, ECCE, FCE
  •        C2 (Proficiency) including MSU-CELP, ECPE, CPE
  •        Anatolia Entrance Exams



When and how long are the lessons?

Lessons take place:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday : 16.15-17.45 and 18.15-19.45


Tuesday, Thursday : 16.15-17.45 and 18.15-19.45


  •         Levels Pre-K to 3:       twice a week
  •         Levels 4-9:      three times a week



What is the cost?


  •        Pre-K, K  - € 580
  •        Level 1 – € 740
  •        Levels 2, 3 – € 790
  •        Levels 4, 5 – € 950
  •        Level 6 – € 1050
  •         Levels 7-9 – € 1050


Payment methods:


  1. In three equal installments 
  2. 5% discount for advance payment (by end of September)
  3. 5% discount for 2nd child, 30% for 3rd



How can I find out more information?

Mon – Fri: 12.00-19.30

Tel & Fax: 2310 398287

Email: bbl@anatolia.edu.gr


How can I apply?

Click here for an application form for the program. Once completed this can be emailed to fmarinid@anatolia.edu.gr or submitted directly to the offices of the Program on the Upper Elementary grounds of Anatolia Elementary School.

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