The Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test is held once a year in the third week of October primarily for Anatolia College students. Students from other schools in the region may apply to take this test if they declare their interest in early September and if there are sufficient examination materials available. The test is designed to give prospective candidates for U.S. universities an idea of their state of preparedness in relation to the Scholastic Assessment Tests (SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject Tests), which are required for entry to U.S. universities and which may be taken in their junior and senior years at school.

SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject Tests

The Scholastic Assessment Tests (SAT, SAT with essay and SAT Subject Tests) are administered at Anatolia College five times a year in October, November, December, January and May. The SAT Subject Test (Language Tests with Listening) is administered only once a year in November. Students who intend applying for admission to U.S. universities are usually required to take these exams. For more details, visit:



The ACT is accepted for admission to many US colleges and universities. The ACT plus Writing is offered only in October, December and April. For more details, visit:

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