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Anatolia is a non-profit educational institution with a long and prestigious history of 125 years. The term “non-profit” is an important one and means that any financial surplus is reinvested in improvements to the education offered by the school.

Anatolia’s mission and philosophy are described in detail on a separate page. It is worth pointing out that Anatolia aims to educate students in a way that enables them to acquire not only knowledge but their own point of view, the ability to think critically, and social awareness, so that they are ready for a creative life in the service of the societies in which they will live. 

For this reason, the school offers and supports a wide variety of group and personal activities, presentations, trips, and competitions, either in the framework of the curriculum or as extra-curricular activities, in which all students can take part. In this way, it aims at fostering both teamwork and individual talents, encouraging initiative, and enhancing the development of leadership skills and confidence in oneself.

Today, Anatolia educates youth from kindergarten through undergraduate and post-graduate studies. Almost 1,300 students study in Anatolia’s secondary division, which offers both the traditional Greek gymnasio and lykeio as well as an English-language International Baccalaureate program in the last two years of the lykeion that prepares students to study abroad. Even in the Greek side of the school there are extra hours of English instruction, laboratory classes in the sciences, and a vigorous extra-curricular program in both Greek and English, all on a campus of great natural beauty.

We hope that you will find our website helpful and informative and that it will give you the opportunity to appreciate the special qualities of an Anatolia education.

Theodore Filaretos
Vice President for Secondary Education

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