FOR: Monday, January 22, 2018

Gym. A’ (EP)              Gym. B’ (PG)                         Lyk. A’ (GP)              Lyk. B’ (RC)



  • The Mathimatiki Etaireia club will continue to meet every Monday and Tuesday in Macedonia 116 to help students prepare for current and future math competitions, such as Thalis and Efkleidis.
  • On Sunday, February 4 a Hackathon event organized by the Anatolia STEM Center will take place at Anatolia all gymnasium and 4th form students. Please visit the STEM office for more information and to register for the event.
  • The Forensics in-school tournament is on Sunday, February 4th. All students who would like to be on the Forensics team traveling to ACS in Athens to take part in the Panhellenic Forensics Association Tournament from March 8-11 should contact their coaches immediately. There are sign-up sheets for duet acting and oral interpretation of literature posted on the Forensics bulletin board in Macedonia and the library.

The following clubs will meet today during the big break:


-English for Fun in NR 3 (Form 1)

                -First Aid in Nurse’s office (Form 1)

-German Club Trip to Cologne in Library AV Room (Form 3 only)

-I Think in NR 5 (Forms 1-3)

-Junior Greek Players in Riggs 12 (Forms 1-2)

-Robotics in Macedonia 103 (Forms 1-3)

-The Creation of the Universe in Macedonia 119 (Forms 2-3)

Lykeion & IB

-Greek Rhetoric Debate in Macedonia 227 (Forms 4-6)

-Group Discussion in SSO (Forms 4-6)

                -Mathimatiki Etaireia in Macedonia 116 (Forms 4-6)

                -Weightlifting in Gym Weightlifting room (Forms 5-6)

All Schools

-Debate in Macedonia 314 (Forms 3-6)

-Deutsch for Level A1 in NR 1 (Forms 1-6)

-Medical Mysteries in Macedonia 113 (Forms 2-6)

-Oratory in the English Department Office (Forms 3-6)

-Panhellenic Biology Contest in Macedonia 214

                -Tennis (Beginners) at the Tennis Courts (Forms 1-6)

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