FOR: Monday, September 25, 2017

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  • 3rd form students should check the bulletin boards outside Ingle Hall to see which MUN Conference they were selected for. The LEIDEN MUN students will meet today at 1:15 in White Hall Room 1.
  • Ms. Emily, one of the American Fellows, is running a new club this year called Express Yourself-Fun with the Arts where we will be exploring all different art forms from music and dance to poetry, painting, and crafting. Come to the White House Art Room on Tuesday at 1:10 and learn to express yourself in new, creative ways.
  • Have you seen the movie, Pitch Perfect? Do you like to sing, but have never had a chance to sing in a group? Come to Ms. Emily’s A Capella Club on Wednesday at 1:10 in the Library AV Room to sing old classics and new pop hits all without any instruments! No experience necessary.
  • On Thursday, the first meeting of the Cultural and Environmental Research Club will take place in Macedonia 227 with Mr. Gentzos. This club is for 3rd formers only.


  • If you are planning on taking the SATs, then perhaps you will be interested in the Anatolia College SAT Prep Course. Come to the US College Counseling Office to learn more about the course today at 1:15pm.
  • The Greek Rhetoric Debate Club will hold its first organizational meeting in Macedonia 221 today at 1:10. The club will meet regularly on Mondays and Tuesdays during the big break. The club advisors are Ms. Mitrouli and Ms. Seridou. New members are welcome!
  • The first meeting for the Girls’ Soccer Club will take place today at 1:10 at the Alumni Field. The club advisor is Ms. Kyriaki. All girls who are interested in playing soccer are welcome to attend!
  • All students taking part in the Mt. Olympus climb on September 30-October 1 must attend a mandatory meeting on Tuesday, September 26 in Tsipos Hall. Attendance is mandatory. You will not be allowed to participate in the climb if you do not attend.
  • A representative from the following American institutions will be at Anatolia on the following days for presentations in the Library AV Room at 13:10. The AV Room door will close at 13:15 sharp:
    • Tuesday: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    • Wednesday: Davidson College
    • DSAMUN:
      • A reminder to all of you taking part in DSAMUN, please remember to turn in your permission slips today!
      • ACMUN 2018:
        • To all 4th, 5th and 6th form students, IB1 and IB2:
          • Registration for positions in the ICJ are now open. Please visit www.acmun.gr and register online. Read the instructions carefully. The deadline for Anatolia students is October 30. For more information, check the MUN bulletin board in Macedonia Hall.
  • To all 5th and 6th form students, IB1 and IB2:ACMUN 2018 is looking for heads of Admin and heads of Press. 5th, 6th, IB1 and IB2 students interested in applying, send an email to Mr. Derluyn expressing your interest. For more information, check the MUN bulletin board in Macedonia Hall.
    • Registration for Student Officer positions and positions in the Historical Committee are now open. Please visit www.acmun.gr and register online. Read the instructions carefully. The deadline for student officer positions is October 10 for Anatolia students. For more information, check the MUN bulletin board in Macedonia Hall.



  • All students who would like to take part in the Mathimatiki Etaireia Panhellenic Competition (E.M.E.) in November should attend a meeting in Room 116 today at 1:15 with Mr. Kiriakides.      
  • Today will be the first meeting of the Tennis Club for beginners. All students are welcome!                
  • Duet Acting Club workshops will begin this week and will run until October 18. All interested in participating are required to attend the workshops. Experienced dueters are expected just to come and sign up. The club advisor is Ms. Ziglina. Everyone, please report to Tracy Hall at 13:15 on Wednesday!                                                                                     
  • Join the Girls Coding Club! Girls in forms 2-6 will identify a problem in their community, create a digital solution to address that problem, and then learn how to communicate their solution and ideas. They will have the opportunity to gain digital skills that will help them become makers of their solutions! The first meeting will take place this Friday, September 29 at 1:15 in lab 103 at the basement of Macedonia Hall. 

The following clubs will meet today during the big break:

All Schools

                -Deutsch Club in NR2

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