FOR: Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Gym. A’ (RH)             Gym. B’ (RC)                              Lyk. A’  (EP)          Lyk. B’ (LA)


  • The Timekeepers’ club needs 20 more members. If you want to help out at the Greek forensics tournament, please attend the meetings today, tomorrow, and Friday in New Room 7.
  • All students who participated in Leidun MUN should come to White 1 today during the big break to collect their certificates.
  • Junior Drama Club members please remember that there are 3 rehearsals scheduled this week, today, tomorrow, and Friday. We will be meeting in Pappas Hall.


  • 6th formers don’t forget to turn in your yearbook pictures. Tomorrow is the deadline.


  • The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, otherwise known as the NAACP is a civil rights organization that was established in the US in 1909 and is still operating today. The goal of the organization is to advocate on the part of African-Americans. Their mission is "to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination." In its early years, the NAACP played a significant role in fighting and reversing Jim Crow laws that kept African-Americans from being able to share the same facilities as whites, and named them as second class citizens.
  • Congratulations to everyone who took part in ACMUN. It was the biggest conference ever with 540 students and 26 schools. Everyone who was involved had a blast.
  • Students taking part in the Deutsch Club trip have a mandatory meeting today at the Library foyer.
  • The Stories Club will meet today in Riggs 11 at 1:15.
  • The Science and Technology Club will meet today in Riggs 11 at 1:50.
  • The A Cappella club will meet only for the 8th hour today and will be meeting in the seminar room instead of the AV room.  
  • The Andoya, Stevens, Cooper Union, and Texas State San Marcos applications will take place today in New Room 9 at 1:15.
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day with “Blind Date with a Book” at the Eleftheriades Library today.
  • Students taking part in the Forensics tournament must bring permission slips and money to the Student Services Office by Friday.
  • Cry baby is a love story set in Baltimore during the 1950’s. Come watch how a bad boy with a heart of gold wins the love of a good girl whose boyfriend sets out for revenge. This weekend and next weekend in Raphael Hall. Come to the Student Services Office for tickets.
  • 3rd  through 6th  formers interested in participating in the afternoon volunteer program at Agios Dimitrios’ Recovery and Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities should find Ms. Perakaki in the US College Counseling Office.

The following clubs will meet today during the big break:


-Anatolia’s Board Game Society (Forms 2-3)—B’ week

-Greek Rhetoric Debate in NR 2 (Forms 2-3)

-German Club trip to Cologne Library AV Room

-Junior Drama in the Macedonia Art Room (Forms 2-3)

-Junior English Debate in Flexible Learning Space (Forms 1-3) 

-Junior Forensics in Riggs 15 (Forms 1-3)

-Pegasus in White 7 (Forms 1-3)

Lykeion & IB

-3D Modeling and Printing in Macedonia 103 (Forms 5-6)

-Boys’ and Girls’ Volleyball at the Lykeion Gym (Forms 4-6)

-Boys’ Soccer at the Alumni Field (Forms 4-6)


All Schools

-Debate in Macedonia 312 & 314 (Forms 3-6)

-Fashion in the White House Art Room (Forms 1-4)

-Français Pour Aller Plus Loin in Macedonia 213 (Forms 3-4)

-French Oral Interpretation in NR 5 (Forms 1-6)

-German B1

-Greek Impromptu Speaking in NR 3 (Forms 1-6) 

-Manage Stress Before it Manages You in Kyrides 5 (Forms 1-6)

-Science & Technology Storytelling in Ingle 29 (Forms 1-6)

-Smart Cities and Green Engineering in Macedonia 112 (Forms 3-5)

-Tennis (Advanced) at the Tennis Courts (Forms 1-6)

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