Why IB?

The IB Diploma is a program suitable for those who have decided to continue their studies abroad i.e. in a European or a US university. It balances breadth of knowledge with specialization and equips students with the critical skills needed for success in higher education. It helps students develop their time management skills and their ability to critically analyze information, which are great assets later on at college.

The International Baccalaureate is a flexible program. Students select subjects from within six subject groups. They also select the level (Higher or Standard) at which they want to study each subject. This enables them to create a personalized program of studies based on their current interests and their objectives for the future.

Since the IB is a common worldwide curriculum, it enables internationally mobile students to transfer from one IB school to another with relative ease and a minimum loss of continuity.

Why IB at Anatolia?

  1. Founded in 1886, Anatolia has long been considered one of the most distinguished educational institutions in Greece. Anatolia is an international institution with American as well as Greek roots; it has always striven to promote a better understanding of others in a city with a long history of being multicultural.
  2. Anatolia has a 45-acre campus of great natural beauty, which includes a residence hall for students wishing to stay on campus, a modern library, science laboratories, computing laboratories, a theatre, a refectory, a multi-use gym and a new open air track & field court.
  3. Anatolia's extracurricular program allows IB students to come into contact with the more than 1000 other Anatolians, make new friends and become members of the Anatolia community.
  4. IB classes at Anatolia are kept small to facilitate a more individualized approach to teaching. The IB staff at Anatolia is well qualified. All faculty members routinely attend international workshops offered by the IBO for professional development and syllabus review.
  5. In addition to a very high success rate in the entrance exams for Greek universities, Anatolia has a history of placing some of its best students at top universities abroad, especially in the U.S. and Great Britain.
  6. The IB's curriculum is connected with educational and cultural excursions and activities, through which students have the possibility to enrich their knowledge and broaden their horizons.


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