The objectives of the school's physical education and intramural athletic program are to produce physically fit students, to instil in them life-long habits of exercise and love of sports, and to encourage as many students as possible to participate in athletics. The 1.5-hour midday break provides an ideal opportunity for pupils to participate in athletic activities.

Sports offered at the high school include soccer, basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, track and field, and ping-pong. In 2000-2001, Anatolia fielded its first girls' soccer team and took the lead in organizing the first girls' soccer league in the Thessaloniki region.

Students are offered a program that is varied, ensuring that the majority of pupils participate on an athletic team. Students may take part in intramural athletics as representatives of their class section or their class as a whole. They may also participate on teams representing one Anatolia school against another.

Anatolia's top athletes - both boys and girls - compete against other schools in Thessaloniki and Athens as members of the school's varsity teams. A small number of Anatolia students also have the opportunity to take part in "club" sports sponsored by the Anatolia Alumni Association, where they play on teams composed mostly of recent graduates. In recent years, some of these club teams - for example, the women's basketball team -- have competed with great success at near-professional levels in national league play.

Each year, Anatolia College's spring athletic tournament - usually held in March -- brings together some 14 private schools from Thessaloniki and Athens to compete in soccer, basketball, volleyball and handball.

Athletic facilities consist of an indoor gym and fitness center, five outdoor basketball courts, three volleyball courts, two tennis courts, a handball court, and two soccer fields. Most of Anatolia's athletic teams are coached by unpaid volunteers drawn from its core athletic faculty and other faculty, staff and alumni.

Those wishing to initiate athletic ties with Anatolia should contact the Athletic Director, Mr. Konstantinos Zlatanos at or at 2310-398-290.

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