Anatolia High School



We aim to instill in young people the aspiration and all the necessary qualities to become principled and responsible citizens of the world as well as active, critically thinking and open-minded lifelong learners.


We aspire:

to establish Anatolia as the school of choice for all promising students regardless of financial circumstances; a school that sets the standard in continuous development of its teaching and learning  approaches and constitutes the distinctive stepping-stone for success in college, career and life.



Core values:


•   Academic Excellence





•  Critical reflection






Personal Enrichment






   Respect and Responsibility






International Mindedness


We are committed to:


…challenging students intellectually across a range of disciplines in the pursuit of academic excellence, while balancing intellectual, physical and emotional development.




… providing models of inquiry and the scaffolding that can lead students to critically reflect on and discuss what and how they learn and encourages students to progressively apply these understandings to future learning, thus taking appropriate responsibility for their own learning.



… presenting ample opportunities to students, through an extensive extracurricular program, to venture into unknown territory, explore their talents and creativity in groups or individually, thus enriching their learning experience and developing a well-rounded personality.



… preparing students for democratic citizenship, providing them with the freedom to make choices and take responsibility of their own actions, with respect for the dignity and rights of others, thus instilling a sense of obligation to society and humankind




... opening up to students a multiplicity of international experiences on and off campus, that, aided by the systematic and innovative cultivation of English, the leading language of global communication, prepare students to recognize their interdependence with other people and with the world in which they live.

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